Work Site Research 2013

Use the following links as well as your own searches (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, DuckDuckGo) to help find answers to the questions in your Ignite workbook (pages 68 & 69). 

What does the company do, where are they, how do employees dress, what is the salary range as well as benefits, what are the job requirements, what makes a successful employee, and what skills are required?

Finally, use information that you have found to create three of your own questions to ask when you are visiting your chosen work site.

Note: some of the sites don't have clear information posted online. If so, be sure to ask when you visit.


Denver Botanic Gardens

Denver International Airport

Denver Zoo

Englewood Fire Department

NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)

Ralph Schomp Automotive

Rocky Mountain Sound Garden

SEAKR Engineering

Starz Entertainment

Sterling-Rice Group