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WEB 2.0

Web 2.0 Cool Tools for Schools & SimpleSpark  - Find the Web Apps below plus more to help you with school and your online life!
Websites of the year - Great lists of useful sites for students and teachers!
New! Web 2.0 Guru - Nicely-organized list of Web 2.0 tools.
New! indispensabletools - List of technology tools for teachers.


Delicious - [BOOKMARKS] Access your bookmarks on the web from any browser!
+Bubbl.usLovelyCharts,  Webspiration or Gliffy  - [MIND MAPPING] Create a great-looking diagram or mind-map (brainstorming)!
Web-Chops - [CLIP WEBSITES] Clip, save and share any part of a web page.
Phonevite & MemoMessenger - [REMINDERS] A free phone invitation, reminder and RSVP service.
Notely - [PLANNING] This free web app has it all: a calendar, a scheduler, note-taking capabilities, and a homework planner.
Evernote - [ANNOTATE] Capture and synch entire web pages and anything else you can copy.
Soshiku - [PLANNING] This tracks assignments and notifies you via email or SMS when a project is due.
HipCal - [CALENDAR] This online calendar tracks upcoming events and tasks and will even send a memo to your phone or email.
Remember the Milk - [LISTS] This taskmaster can be used online or off to track lists.
+MyGroupReminders - [TEXTS] Opt-in text group (send a message to all subscribers).


Google Scholar - [RESEARCH] Search for scholarly articles -- great for research for papers, etc.
New! SparkNotes - [STUDY GUIDES] This site has test prep, college info, and study guides for books.
+GED Practice, Learning Express Library - [GED PREP] Practice for the Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies GED sections (requires Denver Library card).
+ACT Practice, Learning Express Library - [ACT PREP] Practice for the Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies sections of the ACT (requires Denver Library card).
Bookgoo - [ANNOTATE] Upload, highlight, and annotate your documents. It’s like editing on paper but better.
Diigo - [ANNOTATE] Highlight and annotate text on the web and access it via PC or phone.
Zotero - [CITATION] Use this Firefox extension to collect, manage and cite your research. - [NEWS] One of many websites that let you view online newspapers from all over the world.
Studiyo - [QUIZ] Create snazzy online quizzes that you can embed in web pages.
Quizlet & Flashcard Creator - [FLASHCARDS] Build and share online flashcards for review.
Geognos - [ATLAS] Take a look at this interactive world atlas.


New! Prezi - [PRESENTATION] Create a zooming, interactive, web-based presentation!
TinEye - [REVERSE IMAGE SEARCH] Search for the source of an image online.
Dermandar - [PANORAMIC PHOTOS] Stitch together images to make panaromac photos.
MyFamilyHeritage - [GENEOLOGY] Create and collaborate on family trees.
Troovi - [PHOTO ALBUM] Build a shared online photo album, download entire album.
ZooBurst - [POPUP BOOK] Create an interactive online 3D popup book!
Stixy - [BULLETIN BOARD] Share an online bulletin board.
 - [PASSWORDS] Store all of your passwords in one online, secure location!
Springpad - [NOTE] Use this online notebook to keep all your notes.
Convert.Files - [FILE CONVERSION] Convert all kinds of sound/video/graphic/document files!
Cameroid - [SNAPSHOTS] Use this online picture app (like PhotoBooth).
VisuWords - [THESAURUS] Plug in a word to explore how it's connected to other words to spruce up your writing.
+CreateAGraph - [GRAPHS] Plug in your numbers to create a great-looking graph that you can download, print or e-mail.
+SumoPaint - [IMAGE EDITOR] Use this sophisticated online image editor to edit and create pictures.
Aviary - [IMAGE & SOUND EDITOR] Edit images and sound with this online suite!
GroupCard - [GREETING CARDS] Pass around an online card to sign and send.
Schoolr - [TOOLS] Schoolr allows you to convert units, translate text, and conduct searches on multiple search engines from one page.
Wordle - [WORD CLOUD] Create a cool & beautiful word cloud for your projects.
ADrive - [ONLINE STORAFE] Get 50GB of free online storage!
StupeflixSlide & Smilebox - [VIDEO SLIDESHOW] Turn photos into video slideshows.
PrintWhatYouLIke - [WEB PRINT] Reformat a web page as you like and print just what you need!
Wetoku - [RECORD} Record an interview!
MyStickies - [STICKIES] Better than bookmarks, MyStickies let you annotate MyStickies with reminders, ideas, etc.
Cornell Notes PDF Generator - [NOTES] Create customizable & printable note-taking pages. Pages can be blank, ruled, or graphed.
OttoBib - [CITATION] Enter an ISBN and OttoBib will automatically create a bibliography in MLA, APA, or Chicago format.
Calcoolate - [CALCULATE] Great for simple calculations and look back through your history of calculations
TransferBigFiles & SizableSend - [SEND FILES] Use this to send large files (up to 1 gigabyte).
DimDim - [CONFERENCING] Hold and record an online conference for up to 20 participants.
New! Screenr and Jing - [RECORD] Capture anything you do on the computer as a video.
ConvertPDFtoWord and PDFtoWord - [CONVERT] Convert a PDF to Word to be able to edit it.
Audience Sounds - Audience sounds to download to use in videos, PowerPoint/Keynote, etc.
Wallwisher - [COLLABORATE] Leave and view notes on a virtual wall (can include video).


+WeeblyHipero and Wix - [WEBSITE] Build your own professional-looking website easily.
Posterous - [BLOGGING] Post anything you want and create a blog quickly!
Glogster & 
Stixy - [POSTER BLOG] Create an online "poster" combining text, graphics, audio, and video!
Etherpad - [COLLABORATION] Collaborate on a text document in realtime.
Meebo - [IM] This IM client lets you sign onto your IM accounts from anywhere. Meebo supports 10 different IM services.
Mikogo - [SCREENSHARING] This free screen sharing tool makes it easy to show your screen to someone else online.
Wetpaint - [WIKI] Easy, quck education-oriented wiki tool
LanguageGuide - [FOREIGN LANGUAGE] Use these free, online resources to learn a language.
TravellersPoint - [TRAVEL BLOG] Share your travels with pictures and a blog.


+PandoraShoutcast,, blip.fmTheSixtyOne22 Tracks - [MUSIC] Create your own stations and stream music legally and for free (if allowed by your teacher).
New! TeenGrowth - [HEALTH] Health information for teens.
ToneTeen - [EXERCISE] Health and exercise site for teens!
Teen Job Search Guide - [JOBS] Find links to job information, including paperwork for those under 18.
Job Resources From Denver Public Library - [JOBS] Job listings, resume how-to's, interview tips, and more!
New! Emurse - [RESUME] Create a great-looking resume (or three), change the layout at will, and post it to the web.
Mint - [MONEY] Budgeting site Mint automatically downloads, categorizes, and graphs your finances on a daily basis.
Pixton - [COMIC] lets you create an online comic!
New! Odo Sketch and Sketchcast - [SKETCHING] record a sketch and the steps to create it.
Dance Mat Typing (BBC) - [TYPING] Work on your typing skills to type papers faster and have a skill for your resume!
Keybr - [TYPING] Practice your typing speed. ACT - [TESTS] Get ready for the ACT or other exams with this website.
Nobel Prize Games -[INTERACTIVE] These fun online games let you explore and understand the work of Nobel Prize winners.
10 Avatar Generators -[AVATARS] Use these or other sites to create your own online avatars.