Denver Favorites (Christopher's)

I moved to Denver just a few years ago (from Tucson, Arizona but I'm originally from the San Francisco Bay Area in California). I've been building a list of my favorite places in town and around the state. Here's what I have so far. Feel free to suggest more in the Comments section.

Many of my favorites surround food (can't you tell?). I have a couple of hobbies that show up as well. Mostly, I hate to pay too much so I'm always looking for deals.

  • McCormicks (4-6 pm and 9-11 most days) This place has a great happy hour food menu. You have to eat in the bar area and buy a drink (Coke for me as I don't drink) but you can choose from $2.95 cheeseburgers with fries and a lot of other tasty choices. I bike or scooter down to avoid parking.
  • Los Gallitos ($1 street tacos) I can walk here from my house to Alameda. They have $1 street tacos, from asada and carnitas to even birria and lengua. They have the large Coke's from Mexico with real sugar, plus deserts and a full menu of other Mexican staples. I've never had anything but the tacos -- usually a sampling of 4 or 5 with a Coke. Also they're open late -- like 4 am!
  • Sexy Pizza ($5 two slice/soda special) Any time I feel like pizza, I make the trek up to Sexy Pizza. They have an anytime deal that gets you two slices (any style) plus a fountain soda for $5. The also have $1 slices Wednesdays from 11 am - 3 pm but I'm never able to get over then. I like the white pizza (with tomato or spinach).
  • Hoong Kitchen ($1.45/scoop) This is probably my favorite $1.xx/scoop Chinese food place. I usually get a couple of items to take home and make some steamed rice to go with it. I also like a place at S Monaco and E Kentucky even better, but I don't get over there and I can't remember its name.
  • Hanson's ($4 burger night Mondays and Tuesdays) This place is pretty close, has a great burger, and I stop by occasionally for a burger on a Monday or a Tuesday (usually pairing it with a salad).
  • Mile High Vienna ($2.50 happy hour 3pm-5pm daily) Stop by any Santa Fe just south of 3rd any afternoon between 3 pm and 5 pm for their "hot dog happy hour" where you can get a Chicago Dog with a "clip" of skinny fries for $250!
  • 50 Best Happy Hours (Westword) I don't drink, but some of these places have happy hour food. If I'm tired of my own cooking or cheap eats (although, who can tire of $1 street tacos at Los Gallitos) I'll try one of these. I just stopped by Interstate, I've been to Ando's and I want to try The Hornet, Tony's and Panzano.

  • Bicycling (free) The trail along the Platte, which goes near the school, is a nice bike ride and can take you into town, avoiding traffic. It connects to the Cherry Creek path, which also a nice ride.
  • Washington Park (free) This is a nice spot to go walking, play tennis, go inline skating, or biking. Or just have a picnic.
  • Tennis (free) There are a ton of free courts around town. All you need is a tennis racquet, some balls, and somebody to hit with. I'm terrible, but before I messed up my back I played every week or so.
  • Elvis Cinemas ($2.50 before 6 pm and $3.50 after) There are three Elvis theaters -- E Hampden almost to Aurora, SW Littleton, and up in Arvada. I go to the one way east on Hampden. These aren't first run, but sometimes it's nice to see a movie on a large screen. Even better, the Safeway at Downing and E Evans has two-for-one coupons on the register tape -- cheap date!
  • Denver Library (free, unless you have fines) The library is a great place to check out DVDs and CDs as well as books and magazines. They also have computers to use and free wifi if you have a laptop but no Internet at home. You can look up titles online at and place holds so that what you want is delivered to your nearest library (mine's Athmar). Every movie I show at school I check out from the library.
  • Westword (free) I pick this up weekly to find out about bands, free events (like Taste of Colorado) and more.
  • Mile High On the Cheap at This site has all sorts of free and cheap events going on. Sign up to see a free movie at a theater, find local food savings, and more.

  • Gas from Costco (5-10 cents cheaper per gallon) I shop at Costco, but the way I justify my membership price is the gas. I'll head down to Riverpoint at Santa Fe and Oxford for gas before or after school. Each fillup usually saves me about $1, so multiply that by the number of tanks each year... Also, I get my milk ($2.50/gallon) and chocolate milke ($3.70/gallon) here and sometimes get a 50-cent Coke, $1.35 frozen yogurt, $1.50 hotdog with a fountain drink, or a $1 churro!
  • Internet I pay about $35/month for broadband through what was Qwest, but that's because I don't bundle. If you don't mind slower speeds (1.5 mbps download) you can get Internet for $10/month from Comcast and soon Qwest as long as you or a sibling gets free lunch. I use my internet for TV, videos, music, and phone.
  • Phone Service (OOMA, $200) I use a box that plugs into my Internet MODEM and gives me unlimited calls in the US for life at home. I paid $200 up front, and that's the only cost for life. That was two years ago, so that's only $8.34 a month so far. I also have a cell phone that I rarely use -- 100 minutes at $10/month that roll over. My cell used to be my only phone, and now it's just an emergency/convenience. I also subscribe to Skype to have a phone number that can make and receive unlimited calls in the US and Canada for $90/year which I can use anywhere I have Internet and a computer or tablet.
  • Insurance Car insurance is expensive! I was with Allstate from the age of 21, so half my lifetime. Their rates have gone way up so I'm shopping online for better rates. Geico is good, but Progressive is better for me. I'm actually working with and independent agent to shop around for me. I have a car, a house, and a scooter to insure. You not only have to have insurance on your car, but you want to. If not, just take the bus and the light rail -- it's much cheaper!