Sometimes you want to be able to use a YouTube video in a project but there's no easy way to download either the audio or the video. There are basically three ways to "grab" video or audio from YouTube:
  1. Use a browser plug-in (most work only in Firefox)
  2. Copy and paste the URL into a web-based YouTube Downloader
  3. Use a standalone YouTube downloader
Below are some tools you can use to grab that song or video...

VIDEO PLUG-INS (to download video)

Easiest!     (Firefox only)
Favorite!    Flash Video Downloader (Firefox only, allows you to select the quality)

Look for the "YouTube" button to the right of the address bar in Firefox. 

Ant Video Downloader (Firefox or Internet Explorer)
DownloadHelper (Firefox)
Easy YouTube Video Downloader (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera)

Extract Audio From a Downloaded Video

The easiest way to extract audio from a YouTube video is to download the video and then use QuickTime Player to export just the sound to drag and drop into your project.

SNIPPET (play just a section)


AUDIO PLUG-INS (to download audio)

YouTube to MP3 (Firefox only)
YouTube MP3 Firefox plugin (search for plugins under the Tools menu).

Look for the "Convert to MP3" on the page below the video itself.

New! FLVTO can save as a movie too close any pop-ups and save as an MP4
GetVideoMP3 save as an MP4
KeepVid save as an MP4 best, but allows only 3 uses per day 
Video2MP3 (sound only) quickly extract sound from YouTube
ListenToYouTube (sound only) quickly extract sound from YouTube (all kinds of files) convert all sorts of sound and video files!
Fetch Video (and audio)


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